Five tips to stay in shape on your travels

Just because you’re a constant nomad doesn’t mean that your health had to take a dive while you’re on the road. Here are the five best tips we’ve come across on balancing your holidays with health.

1 – Sight see on foot

Pack your runners for an active bit of sightseeing!

There’s no better way to explore a new city than on foot, and you can cover even more ground when you’re running. So pack your runners, download a good app like Runkeeper and explore the sites while working up a sweat.

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2- Body weight exercises

Get onto some body weight exercises!

There’s no need to stay in hotels with gyms, or have that sinking feeling when you return from a holiday and hit the gym for the first time. Some simple body weight exercises are just as good as your usual gym:

  • Push-ups: an oldie but a goodie, these are the most effective exercise to do in your hotel or dorm room.
  • Dips: find a solid surface like a park bench or a chair, and do some dips. Combined with push-ups, that’s a complete torso workout.
  • Sit-ups: there are endless varieties, but the most important thing is not to strain your spine. Sit-ups will strengthen your core and stretch those muscles out after a long flight. Do them until it burns for a holiday six pack!
  • Squats: the ultimate lower body workout. Keep your spine in a neutral position, stick your butt out and go down as though you are going to sit on a chair. Down and up as many times as you can.

For any of these exercises, you can use your backpack to add some additional weight to increase the challenge.

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3- Eat well, mostly

TFL Leek Salad with Jamon Iberico
Sure, you should make the most of all the new flavours that the local food has to offer. But before downing yet another churro in Spain, ask yourself… Would a jamon salad be more fulfilling?

4- Ditch the taxis

Pack your running shoes for some active sightseeing!

No pain no gain, so carry your bags to the hotel instead of taking a taxi. You’ll have more cash to spend on a good meal, and you can work on coming home with calves of steel after walking up the hills of Lausanne.

Image credit: Sean Stratton 

5- Vitamins


Nothing spells roughing it like the undernourished backpacker in Europe. A daily multivitamin can be just what you need to keep the scurvy away, and can give you a boost if your diet leaves a little to be desired.

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What are your friendly tips? Don’t be shy. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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