Weekly Travel Wrap – 26 August 2016


Terrorism and Europe

Brooke Saward, travel blogging royalty over at World of Wanderlust, dealt with the thorny question of whether it is safe to travel in Europe right now. This is the wrong question, in her reasoning: “Travelling does not make you more or less susceptible to an unfortunate turn of events.” Basic travel hygiene, however, is advisable. “[T]ake precautions always” and “never travel anywhere without travel insurance”, she writes.

The most succulent food you’ve ever seen

In food, our colleagues over at Road to Taste write of the Peshawari Food Festival at the Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, a “food festival is organized to promote the flavors of food from Peshawar region of Pakistan.” Poor hungry backpackers, be warned, might find this too much to take, as VishuSaumya has captured all the culinary glory in high resolution! Enjoy.

(By the way, we’ve also reported on the delicious food in Karachi)

Nobody told me!

Mike writes at peregrennials.comMike over at peregrennials.com has put together a strikingly accurate post on the “5 Things About Backpacking Nobody Tells Beginners“. Mike notes that “social media makes it possible to effortlessly share photos of vistas, lakes, snow covered mountains in an instant” but, by the same token, “there’s a lot the viewer isn’t seeing”.  These horrors include smells, sore feet, serious discomfort and monotony. Getting great gear is part of the answer, along with some considered reflection about how your personality will deal with the ins and outs of life on the road. Ultimately, however, Mike concludes that the “grind makes for extremely rewarding experiences”.

Sickness and injury, together, while traveling

On a related topic, food poisoning is almost inevitable if you’re to have a real adventure. It also counts as a “serious discomfort”. This is something we wrote about earlier this year. At RoadtoSelf.net, our friends describe the perils of getting sick or injured together while on the road, see “In sickness and in health (on the road)“. They offer ten tips, all with a practical bent and well worth a read. The first one is “do not, I repeat, do NOT eat mayonnaise”. Funnily enough, if you’re too far gone, french fries may offer the solution. Tip #7. Sans mayonnaise though.

What are your friendly tips? Don’t be shy. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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