What’s your nomadic age? Travel tips for all ages

First trip without mum and dad?  Taking a career break?  “Quick! Let’s travel the world before I have babies!”.  Happily retired.  Whatever your stage in life, travel is for any age.  So is there a good way to travel at your age (real, or age at heart)?

You bet there is.

Teenage years

Live up your travel adventures as a teenager

Live it up guys!  You’re young and craving adventure.  Doing some travel in your early years will set you up to be an eternal Friendly Nomad.  Go as far as your dollar will stretch, stay in youth hostels and take as little luggage as possible.  Remember though – when in a foreign country, respect its laws and stay out of trouble.  Have fun, stay safe and live in the moment.

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In your 20s

Ponte Vecchio, Italy

Maybe you are on semester break at uni, or you have been working and ready for a decent trip.  You probably have more cash available to you than you did in your teenage years, so you can afford a few more things that will make your trip memorable.  Buy the best bottle of wine that you can afford in Paris and have it with some great cheese in the Jardin du Luxembourg, or buy front row tickets to the ballet in Kiev.  You’re still shaping your future path, and your travel experiences will no doubt help with that.

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In your 30s

Woman takes photographs at tourist spot

You’re a stable member of the workforce now (maybe…).  If you haven’t started a family, this might be the last chance you have for a while to gallivant around the globe and see the sights.  It might be time to take a career break before you “settle down”, or you might just have itchy feet.  If that’s the case, go as far as you can for as long as you can.  The biggest mistake that you can make in your 30s is trying to recreate the travel experience you had when you were 18.  Getting trashed with your dorm mates in Prague may not be as fun as going on a night time bicycle tour, and the 99 cent bar in Hamburg might leave you with a headache that ruins your next day.  Spoil yourself occasionally, or consider short trips with life changing experiences (or at least a good massage).

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In your 40s

Father with son exploring beach

This is a great decade for travel.  You’re still fit (hopefully), and the old hips haven’t started to give way yet, you know how to read a map and not rely on GPS and you’re not afraid to leave the phone at home (maybe…).  You know enough about history to appreciate the British Museum, and those little stresses of travel are like water off a duck’s back – losing your passport in New York is the perfect reason to extend your holiday for a couple of weeks, and thanks to having bought the best travel insurance you can afford, it doesn’t cost you an extra dime!  For the backpackers at heart, if you’re staying in youth hostels still then the nomad life is in your blood.  Embrace it, enjoy the adventure, and if you are travelling with kids be sure to show them all that the world has to offer.

Image credit: Danielle MacInnes

In your 50s

Hiking intently

You may have been around the world a couple of times or more by now, or you might be embarking on your very first (and super exciting but a little bit scary) overseas trip!  You’re not in your 20s anymore, and you are all the better for that.  Maybe you can afford to travel in luxury (if so, no one could ever complain about being spoilt rotten at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai), or maybe if it’s not backpacking then for you it’s not real travel.  Whatever your travel style in your 50s, you’re at the perfect age to live it up or slum it up!

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In your 60s

Toast to us!

Retired?  Looking forward to retirement?  Can’t imagine not working?  Your 60s are the new 40s, but you have 20 years more life experience to benefit from.  At sixty it’s not as easy to get around a city like it was in your 20s, but you can probably afford a few more cabs than back then, and maybe have more time.  The finer things in life shouldn’t be missed, so book yourself into the best restaurant in town for dinner (or check if they have a lunchtime special), or stay in a truly unique hotel, even if only for a night.  Cashed up?  Fly in the Etihad three-room suite on the A380 to burn off some of that excess travel money!

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In your 70s

Older nomad in distinguished glasses

Age and wisdom go hand in hand, and you’re a lifelong nomad.  Eastern Europe has a special significance to you, since you were a young adult during the haze of the cold war.  You remember studying the art in the Louvre while at school, and the seniors’ discount for admission is the icing on the cake (speaking of cake, don’t you love the patisseries in Paris?).  Research shows that experiences, rather than possessions, make people happy, so consider renting a quaint apartment in the center of Rome and live like a local.  Or take a wildlife safari through the Serengeti and watch the herds walk by as you enjoy a sundowner.

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In your 80s and above

Love the aquatic life!

You’re a hero!  Do what you want, travel when and how you want.  Whether you’re sharing a 20 bunk dorm with 18 year olds or have a luxury suite at the Four Seasons, there’s no better way to spend your prime than how you are now.  Spoil yourself, and share your experiences with those around you.

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What are your friendly tips? Don’t be shy. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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