Who overstays their US visa? Ranked here

Visas and permits, we know, what a giant nuisance for any nomad.

The US is known for its rigorous immigration checks and sometimes unfriendly border inspections.

After all, everybody wants “in” to the United States – the land of the free and the rich. Well… so we’re lead to believe.

But, of the millions who visit each year, who are our new nomad friends?

10. Venezuela

Miss Venezuela

Given all the hassle in the home country right now, it’s probably not a huge surprise that some Venezuelans are extending their sojourn in the land of the free. Here, the days take on a more relaxed feel and you can do some shopping. No doubt Miss Venezuela, pictured, likes shopping. In 2015, US Government records indicated that 12,242 Venezuelan nationals overstayed their US visa permits, making their extended stay an unlawful one. Bring me some Solera beer.

Image credit: Serge 

9. India

Miss India Competition. Indian nationals feature in overstay statistics.

Indians are natural nomads, so it’s no surprise that they visit and work in the United States in large numbers. But when it comes to immigration rules, sometimes formalities have to take a back seat. In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security found that 12,885 Indian nationals had overstayed their immigration permits, giving them an irregular status with Uncle Sam. That’s quite modest, really.

Image credit: Filmittadka 

8. China 

Miss China, photo credit Paul Chin

嗨! Our Chinese friends love the US and their overstay score, while a little shy of impressive, stands at about 15,692 cases for 2015. The US is a little different to China, and the West can be a bit of a shock, but once here you can quickly fit in. Paperwork, paperwork. We can sort that out later, no? Sure. What do you think of Trump? : )

Image credit: Paul Chin 

7. Colombia

Colombia, visa article Serge

Easy going Colombians (Miss Colombia in evening dress, pictured) made up about 16,434 overstay cases in 2015, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Suburban America may not have the vida of Cartagena, but there’s a spice and variety in the United States that lures. And a few more jobs for these hard working nomads.

Image credit: Serge 

6. United Kingdom

Miss England, photo credit by Serge. Brits accounted for overstay cases in 2015.

Maybe these guys got lost driving on the wrong side of the road? In any case, the Brits are big fans of the US – and these rugged bunch of nomads, who used to rule a sizeable chunk of the world’s landmass – overstayed their landing permits by about 16,446 cases last year. Not bad. We can understand. The UK is a small island. Eventually you want to get off and have a look around somewhere else.

Just leave that flag behind, maybe.

Image credit: Serge 

5. Italy

Miss Italy, credit Juna e Marco Foto Arte

In 2015, some 17,661 Italian passport holders stayed a little longer, formally breaching their US immigration permits and becoming fans in the form of overstayers. Leaving home to one side for now, our Italian nomads can enjoy a rich history of Italian culture in the United States. They just need to get their paperwork in order, at some point…

Image credit: Juna e Marco Foto Arte 

4. Germany

Miss Germany, photo credit Concert Pixx. Germans also fell into the top ten for overstay cases.

Hallo wie geht’s dir? Coming in at fourth in our list, are our German nomads. Tiring of beer, sausage and endless political correctness in their homeland, a few of our German adventurers have taken a liking to these United States. An overstay type of liking. Willkommen! 21,394 Deutschlanders bucked their US permits and stayed a little longer, absorbing a bit of American-style individualism.

Image credit:Concert Pixx 

3. Brazil

Woman on Beach - Brazil. Brazil ranks third in the DHS numbers of overstay cases.

This baffles me. The beaches in Brazil are hard to beat, the lifestyle great and the attitude fantastic. Drop all that for two weeks vacation and an endless series of fast food jobs? Well, you can’t account for the nomadic spirit and different is sometimes better. For Brazilian nomads, it is said that 35,707 overstayed their US immigration permit in 2015.

Image credit: Leandro Muller  

2. Mexico

Miss Mexico, photo credit Serge. Over 40,000 Mexican nationals fell into the overstay category according to DHS.

Mexico. Yep. Our friends from the south have done a good job with their stats, coming in at second. In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security reckons that 42,114 Mexicans became overstayers in the United States.

 1. Canada

Canada leads visa overstay statistics for the United States

Could you have guessed it? The cute, friendly and softly-spoken Canadians top the list of those that overstay their United States immigration permits. The land of the maple leaf and free health care can’t be that great if droves of Canucks are heading south for the land of liberty. Go figure. In 2015, 93,035 Canadians overstayed their immigration permit in the United States and became unlawful foreign visitors.

Image credit: Jorge Mejia Peralta 

These ten countries make up almost 60% of the 482,781 overstay cases reported by the Department of Homeland Security last year (2015), according to the Pew Research Center.

Some common sense tips, guys:

  •  The Friendly Nomad does not advocate overstaying your immigration permit or breaking immigration laws of any country. Pictures here are just representative of nationality, not of immigration status.
  • Immigration irregularities can make future travel difficult. It is best to ensure that you strictly comply with the terms of your immigration approval so you can enjoy great travel opportunities in the future.
  • If you do get into a pickle, it is best to take some advice from an immigration attorney and (after taking advice) approach the immigration authorities to discuss your situation.
  • Sometimes, the United States authorities will think you’ve overstayed when you haven’t, because their departure records aren’t up to scratch.
  • It’s important you make PDF copies of your passport stamps or tickets if you get into that situation, so you can prove that you actually left the land of the free. Email these to yourself.

Title image credit: Jeff Warren 

What are your friendly tips? Don’t be shy. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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