Why Cyprus should top your summer wish list

Trademark white sand


Cyprus’ stunning, white sand beaches will leave you in awe. As one of the top sandy beach destinations, Cyprus will not disappoint serious beach lovers. Choose from among Nissa Beach, Serena Bay, Landa Beach, Mackenzie Beach and Governor’s Beach. And that’s just to start, of course. The EU country has 53 of the world’s Blue Flag beaches.

Image credit: Jan Majer Photography

Clear, blue waters


The waters in Cyprus are of the crystal clear blue variety, and stay warm and good for swimming throughout the year. There is a stunning array of marine life, including brightly colored coral, within easy reach for expert divers and the casual snorkeler alike. To start, all you need to do is pack some googles.

Image credit: Jan Majer Photography

Maritime vivre


Cypriots live and breathe the sea. This maritime spirit is evident in every part of the life here, from art to cuisine to work. There’s no better way to get a taste for it, than to venture into the museums, art galleries and restaurants of the island. Even better, cast off the resort mentality and stay with a local. You’ll get a idea of what it means to be an islander.

Image credit: Jan Majer Photography

Natural beauty


You can’t miss Cape Greco, famous for its sea caves and blue waters and spectacular sunsets. Think pink, gold and orange, deep tones, and then big stars. The area is rated as one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. If you’re yearning to get back to nature, then this is just the ticket.

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Consistent with the maritime theme, Cyprus is definitely the place for boating. You can charter to fish, swim, visit coastal caves, drink or just sunbathe. If you’re practically-minded and craving the sea, Cyprus is also an affordable place to hop aboard.

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A hinterland bar none


Cyprus is also home to an epic hinterland. Pictured here is forest in the breathtaking Troodos Mountains, located in the dead center of the island. The highest point is Mount Olympus, which stands at 1,952 meters. You can camp or choose from a number of mountain resorts in the cooler climes. The topography also makes for some exquisite wine, and there are a number of tasting routes mapped out for the intrepid connoisseur.

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Insane nightlife


If serenity isn’t your thing, Cyprus has the nightlife and party atmosphere to keep you pumped. Check out the pubs and clubs in Ayia Napa, the main resort town. Jagermeister Barcode and Ambassaden Bar earn special mentions. There are also plenty of cocktail bars and off beat pub offerings in Protaras, including the Magic Dancing Waters. If being in one place is too limiting, check out the party boats that have become another Cyprus trademark. Enjoy.

Image credit: Designatic

Many, many activities


If you crave an active break, Cyprus has lots on offer – from pedalos to surf school to skydiving! There’s usually something for the seasoned hand as well as the absolute beginner. If you’re into something a little different, you might consider “Flyboarding”:

Come on Nomads, take the plunge and make that sunset beer all the more sacred!

Image credit (heading): Jan Majer Photography

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